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Caravan parking and boat moorings all over europe

Search or offer storage or parking space

Looking for storage space, a covered parking or low cost winter storage for your goods, caravan, camper, classic car, yacht, ship or boat? Available storage space on dry land is marked green on the map. Mooring harbours and hangars especially for boats are marked in blue. Click on a button to access the details about the storage and direct contact with the owner. This is free.

If you can’t find storage space in your destination region, you can register and add ‘storage requests’ that will be shown as red or orange push pins on the map.

offer storage space

offer storage space

Would you like to rent out winter storage space or a berth in a barn, garage, hangar, harbour or boathouse? Use Parkengo to propose your offer to private people and companies looking for long term storage for their caravan, boat or goods. Advertising your offer on Parkengo is easy. Why don't you start right now?

search for a storage

search for a storage

On Parkengo you find private individuals as well as professional storage companies who offer secure long term storage or parking for caravan, classic car, ship and goods. We try to help you to find a space for free, whereever in Europe. Can’t find the space in the area you need it? Register with Parkengo and add a storage request for free!

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A warehouse, hangar or harbour, a place to keep your caravan, boat, classic car or other vehicle safe during the winter…

There may be several reasons to look for a parking or storage space for your caravan or boat. The distance to your destination, saving time and money on the journey, on road safety, or environmental concerns.

Parkengo is green

Every year, hundreds of thousands of vacationers are travelling many millions of miles to their holiday destination with a heavy caravan or boat trailer behind their car. They burn up to twice the ...

Winter storage abroad

The bigger the distance between your home and your destination, the more beneficial it is to leave your caravan or ship behind. Travelling without caravan or trailer is faster (you easily save two ...

Winter storage near by home

Do you prefer to keep your caravan, camper or yacht closer to your home? This still means it is important to find a good and safe storage space. On Parkengo there are a growing number of private ba...

Your classic car

If you have a classic or vintage automobile or motorcycle, you have one big enemy: the weather. Burning sunlight, rainstorms, snow, hail, road salt... all endanger the condition of your vehicle. Wh...


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