Promote your winter storage space or shipping berths

Parkengo is a market place for winter storage. We offer international advertising for farmers who want to monetize their barns, hangars or other buildings. But also to professionals in storage space rental and managers of a pleasure ports or harbors. Parkengo is the place to advertise for anyone looking to rent out parking spaces and berthing capacity to people who want to safely park their caravan or trailer, or moor their sailing boat or yacht.

How to use Parkengo

Adding you offer to Parkengo is really simple. Start here to choose what your offer is (land or water) and follow the instructions for putting your promotion online. I advise you to prepare a promotional text and some good pictures in advance, so you can fill everything at once. However, if needed you can always come back later to change or add information.

What does Parkengo cost?

Until May, Parkengo is free. This means that everybody who ads an offer before May 1, 2022 can stay on Parkengo forever for free. After that date, new clients will be paying a monthly subscription of €4,50 (or €50 / year) for their advertising on Parkengo. Not bad, for what is essentially a complete online presentation of your business in five languages! Even if Parkengo only brings you one extra client in four years, you are still ahead.