Avoid Caravan Fails - leave your caravan in a winter storage abroad

admin | Nov 05, 2018
No matter how experienced you are, driving while towing a caravan entails extra risk. This is why it is a good idea to limit the distance you tow your caravan. For instance by leaving it close to your holiday destination and driving home (and back down for your next holiday) without it. This saves time and fuel, and avoids problems like these 'Caravan fails': [embed][/embed]

Prevent an accident with the caravan... leave it behind!

Gregor Hakkenberg | Sep 03, 2019
As you can see on this picture from a Dutch Car Recovery service, but also for instance in this twitter message from the same company, driving with a caravan in the Netherlands, Belgium, France or elsewhere on the mainland Europe is not entirely without risk. A brief moment of inattention of yourself or another driver and your faithful holiday compagnon jackknives, tilts on its side or - as seems to have happened here - collapses under it's own weight: an accident with the caravan can spoil your whole trip. Prevent an accident with the caravan The best way to prevent…

Farmers, boost your income!

Gregor Hakkenberg | Jun 01, 2018
Life on the farm is not easy. Local laws, European directives, produce fetching less and less… More farmers every day are finding their money runs out before the end of the month. Empty buildings bringing nothing in? What really riles many is that earlier investments have turned out to be a waste. Quotas on milk and manure mean cow and pig sheds, barns and storehouses are having to stand empty. It’s the destruction of capital that really hurts. Creativity can bring solutions Fortunately, farmers are also entrepreneurs, and more and more of them are finding alternative sources of income. They’re…

Winter storage for caravans and boats in UK and mainland Europe

admin | Mar 06, 2018
Market place for caravan storage space Parkengo is the international online market place for caravan storage all over Europe. Our site is all about searching or offering parking space or winter storage. If you are an owner of a storage space, like a big barn, and empty warehouse or a hothouse somewhere, you can rent it out as storage or parking space for caravans, camping cars, boat trailers and classic cars. By advertising on Parkengo you will reach a large international audience.

Meeting caravan fans through LaCaravane

admin | Mar 06, 2018
The well-known French site en discussion forum Lacaravane organises several meetings voor Caravan-fans. They are from 8-12 May in France, from 18-20 May in Switzerland and from 22-24 June in Belgium. To join, you have to be a member.