Caravan storage and boat mooring all over Europe

Are you offering or searching storage space, a covered parking, a boat mooring or low cost winter storage for your goods, caravan, camper, classic car, boat or yacht? Parkengo is the first and foremost market place for storage space in Europe. On Parkengo, you will find all necessary information about searching or offering parking or winter storage. Also, you can add your offer to our site for a very low fee.

Are you looking for

A warehouse, hangar or harbour, a place to keep your caravan, boat, classic car or other vehicle safe during the winter…

There may be several reasons to look for a parking or storage space for your caravan or boat. The distance to your destination, saving time and money on the journey, on road safety, or environmental concerns.

Parkengo is green

Every year, hundreds of thousands of vacationers are travelling many millions of miles to their holiday destination with a heavy caravan or boat trailer behind their car. They burn up to twice the normal amount of petrol, resulting in an enormous cloud of CO2. If all these people would decide to just leave their caravan somewhere near their holiday spot abroad, this would be a big boost for the environment. With the ever-growing offer of Parkengo you will almost certainly find a good storage or parking space just where you need it. Please follow our BLOG!

Winter storage abroad

The bigger the distance between your home and your destination, the more beneficial it is to leave your caravan or ship behind. Travelling without caravan or trailer is faster (you easily save two whole  days of travelling) and a lot cheaper. Not to mention the extra concentration driving with a trailer costs. Driving without is faster, easier and safer! Finding a parking space abroad has lots of advantages.

Winter storage near by home

Do you prefer to keep your caravan, camper or yacht closer to your home? This still means it is important to find a good and safe storage space. On Parkengo there are a growing number of private barn owners who will be glad to offer your prized possession a safe roof over its head.

Your classic car

If you have a classic or vintage automobile or motorcycle, you have one big enemy: the weather. Burning sunlight, rainstorms, snow, hail, road salt... all endanger the condition of your vehicle. Where to find affordable parking space? We don’t all have a friend with a big barn. Just have a look on Parkengo. There might be a cosy barn close by. And if not, why not add a ‘storage request’ to alert barn owners in your area that you are willing to pay them some rent for a safe space.

Your rental offer

Rent out your caravan storage, barn or hangar

Do you have space left over and would you like to make some money on the side by renting it out to the owners of caravans, yachts or trailers? Or are you a professional in storage rental, looking for more clients? Or maybe you manage a harbour and still have some space to moor or store ships? With Parkengo you will reach clients from all over Europe for a very low monthly fee.

Where do clients come from?

The customers of Parkengo are British or foreign owners looking for a safe and clean parking and winter storage for their caravan, camping car, classic car, trailer, boat or yacht. They don’t have parking space at home or simply don’t want to haul their caravan or boat trailer all the way back home. They are looking to leave their prized possession with a professional facility or in a private barn in the area where they will come back for their next vacation.

How does it work?

Adding an apprehensive presentation of your storage facility is easy with en registration form. You can add as many pictures as you like and there is room for a good description of your offer. The basic information, like the price and added services, can be filled out in a form so they will be available in four languages. Do you want translations of your written description, we can arrange it for a very good price.

What do you pay?

An insert on Parkengo is an excellent investment in the success of your business. As a private storage owner (up to 5 stalls or spaces) you only pay €5,75 per month. Professional storage facilities or harbour masters pay €10,- euros per month (reversed VAT). You will most probably earn your investment back with one extra client per year.  So what do you have to lose? Get your offer online now!