Farmers, boost your income!

Life on the farm is not easy. Local laws, European directives, produce fetching less and less… More farmers every day are finding their money runs out before the end of the month.

Empty buildings bringing nothing in?

What really riles many is that earlier investments have turned out to be a waste. Quotas on milk and manure mean cow and pig sheds, barns and storehouses are having to stand empty. It’s the destruction of capital that really hurts.

rent barn out as storage facility

Creativity can bring solutions

Fortunately, farmers are also entrepreneurs, and more and more of them are finding alternative sources of income. They’re investing in producing less, but organically, so it sells at a higher price. They’re branching into agritourism, opening their farms to camping and self-catering guests. Or they’re guaranteeing a fair price for their produce through brands such as “C’est qui le patron?”.

Earn more from your storage facilities

Parkengo can offer yet another way to boost your income: storage, over-wintering and security for leisure vehicles such as caravans, campervans, trailered boats, or even classic cars that only leave to attend special events.

caravan storage barn

How much does the winter storage of caravans bring in?

The income possible from storage facilities depends on the quality of your services. Provide storage in a lovely modern, well-ventilated barn with a clean concrete floor and you can charge more than if vehicles are stored in an old one that’s open to the elements, or left out in a field. Everything has its rental price. They vary from €150 a year for an outdoor parking space to €350 a year in a clean and secure building. Taking a reasonable average of €250 a year, just five rented spaces will earn you €1250 – one month’s minimum wage!

Additional services

For optimal client appeal, you can add other services. Farmers are often pretty handy at maintenance and have everything needed to keep batteries charged, tyres inflated and vehicles cleaned. That can encourage client loyalty and earn you a little more. From there, a little imagination can have you stocking fridges with fresh farm produce (or doing some shopping) or offering the first night’s accommodation in-situ, in their own caravan or in your B&B and at your table.

caravan storage at the farm

Get to know people from abroad

One of the great advantages of this type of storage business is that you get to meet people from all over. Parkengo is a multilingual site that puts you in touch with people from Belgium, the Netherlands (where caravanning is very popular), Germany and the UK. We even get requests for storage from Americans and Australians who spend months touring Europe, and want to leave their caravans behind when they fly home.

Want to earn more? Place your ad

For farmers who want to start small, Parkengo makes the distinction between private lessors (with 1-5 rental spaces) and professionals (6+ spaces). You’re free to start as a private individual, paying just €5.75 a month for your advertisement. If things go well, you can add more spaces by switching to the €10.00 a month service for professionals. Still a snip when set against a potential annual income of €250 for each space rented out! You can place your ad here.

We are at your service!

If you have any queries about placing your advertisement on Parkengo that you can’t find answers to on the site, don’t hesitate to contact us using this form or by calling the webmaster:

Gregor Hakkenberg,
+33 (0) 358 1962 26 (France).

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