Prevent an accident with the caravan… leave it behind!

As you can see on this picture from a Dutch Car Recovery service, but also for instance in this twitter message from the same company, driving with a caravan in the Netherlands, Belgium, France or elsewhere on the mainland Europe is not entirely without risk. A brief moment of inattention of yourself or another driver and your faithful holiday compagnon jackknives, tilts on its side or – as seems to have happened here – collapses under it’s own weight: an accident with the caravan can spoil your whole trip.

Prevent an accident with the caravan

The best way to prevent an accident with the caravan is simply not moving it at all. Of course, we understand that the whole nature of this handy house on wheels is about schlepping it around. But the less you drive it, the fewer miles you pull it, the less chance of an accident occurring.

As long as you are stationary on a camp ground, the risk of having a road accident is zero. This is why it is such a great idea to leave your caravan as close as possible to your holiday destionation. Especially if you are planning to come back to the same country the next year. At the end of your holiday, just drive your caravan to one of the storage facilities on Parkengo, clean it out, park it in a nice, cosy barn or stable and leisurely (and safely!) drive home with an empty hitch.

Your caravan is well preserved in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or another holiday destination, ready for your next trip.

By the way, most caravan storage facilities on the mainland offer all kinds of technical services, like pumping the tires, cleaning and flushing of pipes, charging batteries etc. Just contact one of the service providers on Parkengo and ask him or her all you want to know.

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