In stead of pulling your caravan or ship all the way home, why not leave it near your holiday destination?
You could save a lot in petrol, toll roads and time. What’s more, in many countries storage space is quite affordable.

Search or offer safe parking space for caravans, boats, classic cars or other large objects.


Maybe you are a farmer with left over space on your property. Maybe you are a professional long term storage provider. It does not matter wether you want to rent out winter storage space in an empty barn, garage, hangar, marina or boathouse. You can always use Parkengo to propose your offer to private people and companies looking for long term storage for their caravan, boat or goods. Advertising your offer on Parkengo is easy. Why don’t you start right now?

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On Parkengo you will find private service providers, such as farmers or other barn owners looking to make some extra money from their empty buildings. But there are also professional storage companies that offer secure long-term parking and storage for caravans, vintage cars and all types of ships. Plus marinas where you can moor and shelter your boat all year round. At Parkengo you will find secure spaces all over Europe that you can contact directly. And for you, caravan, boat or car owner… Parkengo is free!

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a warehouse, hangar or marina, a place or berth to keep your caravan, boat, classic car
or other vehicle safe during the winter?

There may be several reasons to look for a parking or storage space for your caravan or boat.
The distance to your destination, saving time and money on the journey, on road safety, or environmental concerns.

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