ARE YOU LOOKING FOR... a warehouse, hangar or harbor, a place to keep your caravan, boat, classic car or other vehicle safe during the winter?

There may be several reasons to look for a parking or storage space for your caravan or boat. The distance to your destination, saving time and money on the journey, on road safety, or environmental concerns.

Parkengo is green

Every year, hundreds of thousands of vacationers are travelling many millions of miles to their holiday destination with a heavy caravan or boat trailer behind their car. They burn up to twice the normal amount of petrol, resulting in an enormous cloud of CO2. If all these people would decide to just leave their caravan somewhere near their holiday spot abroad, this would be a big boost for the environment. With the ever-growing offer of Parkengo you will almost certainly find a good storage or parking space just where you need it.
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Winter storage abroad

The bigger the distance between your home and your destination, the more beneficial it is to leave your caravan or boat behind. Traveling without caravan or trailer is faster (you can easily save two whole  days on your holiday) and a lot cheaper. The costs of petrol consumption and toll roads payments go up if you have a caravan or trailer hitched to your car. Not to mention the extra concentration needed when driving with a trailer. Driving without is faster, easier and safer! Finding a parking space abroad has lots of advantages.
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Winter storage nearby

Do you prefer to keep your caravan, camper or yacht closer to your home? This still means it is important to find a good and safe storage space. On Parkengo there are a growing number of private barn owners who will be glad to offer your prized possession a safe roof over its head. Many people use Parkengo to find a storage or parking place near their holiday destination. But you can of course also search a caravan storing business or private garage rental close to your home. Just have a look around on Parkengo!


Your classic car

If you have a classic or vintage automobile or motorcycle, you have one big enemy: the weather. Burning sunlight, rainstorms, snow, hail, road salt… all endanger the condition of your vehicle. Where to find affordable parking space? Just have a look on Parkengo. There might be a cosy barn close by. If you can’t find anything right now, please come back often, because storage spaces and parking garages are added all the time. Do you know of a garage that takes classic cars? Tell them about Parkengo, where they are welcome to advertise their offer!